The Unique schools started in 1998 due to the vision God gave to me of seeing a new breed of young people raised in the midst of corruption and perversion but shielded and preserved by God to make a difference. As it is written is Isiah 58:12, “Your people will build your ancient ruins and raise up the aged old foundation. You will be called, repairer of broken walls, restorer of streets and dwellings” so shall the products from the unique schools rebuild, repair and restore godly values to their generation.

Our motto therefore is: “PURPOSE AND DESTINY” (The Unique school) “LEADERSHIP AND DESTINY”. (Unique High School)

The unique schools is an extension of the Christian home with the passion for excellence. It is dedicated to providing for the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the child. As a result, we value our partnership with Christian parents to help their children to live a purposeful Christian life while pursuing academic excellence. We recognize that God has made every child special and unique, endowed with His own talent and potential, which can be developed and mastered in His glory.

Our action plan involves the provision of comprehensive and qualitative education using an integrated curriculum based on national policy on education, Accelerated Christian education program and our unique input which includes the traditions of the school – that’s our secret. This is managed by qualified and dedicated, discipled staff who use effective quality instructional approaches to learning. Our staff are continually put through improvement programs, refresher courses and retreat in order to be current and correct. This is because we believe that when a teacher stops learning he/she stops teaching.

The situation in Nigeria and in the whole world is discouraging. Teenage crimes are on the increase ranging from armed robbery, sexual abuse,
killing of unborn babies, pornography, aggression towards parents and constituted authority, and perversion of different kinds just to mention a few. In fact, in our world today we are at crossroads watching humanism take over and crowning man above God (where men decide right from wrong from how they feel instead of God). We see our boys wearing earrings, plaiting their hair and acting differently from their God  given roles. Our girls are looking like aunties at a time they should be wise virgins in the prime of their lives. They lose their innocence too early as morality takes the  base line while immorality takes the front burner. How far will they go in the direction of their destiny if they are left as the victims of the culture instead of victors in Christ?

This was the burden that prompted me to begin to pray and believe that God can make a difference. I shared my burden with my previous employer  and boss at Baptist High School, Jos, where I served for over twenty years. My desire was that the church should pray and confirm that this burden and vision was from God. I was not interested in starting school just as a business venture . I enjoyed my work just as a teacher and counselor in Baptist High School. I was not in a hurry to leave. It took about ten years after I shared with my employers to affirm that the vision was from God. As soon as I got the confirmations and affirmations from members of the body of Christ, I began to search for the site where I could start. It may interest you that my employers permitted me to go ahead while I was still working with them, something I consider a special favor from God.

Ever since the inception, we have experienced so many miraculous interventions and help from God. The testimonies from parents, changes in the lives of children witnessed from different backgrounds, the enthusiasm and devotion of the staff have been very encouraging to the vision. In addition the assurance from God of things hoped for and evidence of things not yet seen keeps us striving towards our goal. I can assure you, the best is yet to come because we are unique.

Our primary concern is to allow Christ’s life-the unique life (His Lordship) flow though us to heal the children, coworkers, parents and our community spiritually and provoke for academic excellence and ministry because we are unique. :

More Than Education

A sense of identity and calling

A Unique School education is about core knowledge and and core beliefs. It is about family and friendships, about faith in God that grows deeper and more vibrant.

Students Leave here forever marked with the skils, values and sensibilities to lead lives of purpose. Poised, equipped, and confident, they emerge with a remarkable sense of identity and a passion for serving the Lord with gifts they have been given.

© The Unique Schools, 2019.