Daughters of Sarah Ministry


We are courageous Christ-centered servant leaders, facilitating holistic transformation and bringing healing to generation.


We envision generations of Godly leaders of integrity, transforming social domain, re orienting their youths on Identity and Sexuality, rehabilitating their vulnerable and producing Godly Families in love, submission and purity.

Identity Statement

We equip leaders of integrity who holistically transform their social domain, including the empowerment of the vulnerable.

The Unique Schools


Our mission is to provide a solid Christian educational foundation based on Christ life as the unique life using the truth that will renew the mind, build character, produce confidence, command respect from peers and maximize the creative potentials of our children in other to erase decay in the society.


To see a new generation of transformed children and youths who have been delivered from falsehood and deceitful philosophies of men, embrace Christ life and armed with his purity, strive for excellence in character and academics.

More Than Education

A sense of identity and calling

A Unique School education is about core knowledge and and core beliefs. It is about family and friendships, about faith in God that grows deeper and more vibrant.

Students Leave here forever marked with the skils, values and sensibilities to lead lives of purpose. Poised, equipped, and confident, they emerge with a remarkable sense of identity and a passion for serving the Lord with gifts they have been given.

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