What Defines Us

Curiosity and creativity, authentic and deepning Christian faith, a commitment to service leadership, a remarkable sense of purpose. These are some of the hallmarks of the Unique Schools experience. What makes our school environment such a unique place to learn and grow?

A hub of innovation and imagination

Here you will find a joy in learning that’s contagious. Teachers are kid like in their enthusiasm and students of all ages are filled with the wonder of discovery. A spirit of innovation and posibility stirs the air.

A student-centered environment

At The Unique Schools, learning is an active enterprise, not a passive experience. Children of all ages are invited to be agents in their own eduaction. Students feel valued and have a voice. They take ownership of their work and are motivated to seek understanding – not to merely complete tasks or to get good grades.

A bold vision for learning

Our commitment to vision based learning combines many best practices yet it takes these practices to a whole new level. Explore our website to examples of how our students are leading by serving – here and now.

A holistic approach

Our team of teachers and staff members are dedicated to helping students grow in all dimensions-intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. From retreats in the great outdoors of Plateau stateto the classroom and the basketball court, every aspect of the Unique Schools experience is designed to help students connect with others, to take the next step in their journey, and to discover their unique and vital calling in the world.

Our Campus

Our School Culture

In Our campus the difference can be felt first-hand. What will you find? Colourful environment, classrooms decked with expressive artwork. Teachers who know every student by name. Individuals united by common core values and a culture of kindness.

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