Our rigorous curriculum challenges students to reason analytically, think creatively, and argue critically. Our collaborative extracurricular activities cultivate lasting friendships. Our supportive environment fosters independence, strength of character, and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Embrace the Challenge

Two features define our distinctive curriculum—a Core Sequence and expert instruction.

Our four-year Core Sequence nurtures students who write, reason, and engage in argumentation with the precision and incisiveness that is our hallmark. Our curriculum as a whole offers discipline-specific knowledge along with these broadly applicable life skills: an understanding of evidence; strategies of criticism and persuasion; facility with the analysis of data; critical listening, thinking, and reasoning abilities.

With a passion for and expertise in the subjects they teach, our instructors have produced courses that model the professional methods, skills, norms, and intellectual habits of each discipline. See how this approach informs all our academics.

The School Unique

Academic Excellence from Basic One

Our Primary School offers students advanced coursework with the academic support that ensures a smooth transition to Secondary school.

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Our Curriculum

Learning that goes above and beyond

Our innovative program is challenging and compelling. Students encounter critical core content-and go beyond with opportunities for authentic service leadership and project based learning.

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