At The Unique Schools, we have created student-run clubs and governing organizations, community service projects, and other opportunities for students to come together and build lasting friendships.

Admission To The Unique Schools

You’ve explored The Unique Schools through this website and gotten a feel for who we are and how we operate, for our supportive staff, expert instructors, and student community that enjoys a vibrant life inside and outside our classrooms. You’ve decided that The Unique Schools is a good fit as your School.

Now, it’s time to begin your application by reading about the kinds of students we select, why we select them, and the information on which we base our admissions choices. Use the following checklist to ensure that you assemble and send us your information in a timely way for admission to the next academic year.

Admission in The Unique Schools is offered from creche to High School. Applying to the unique schools admission is a simple exercise and forms can be acquired from the school or completed online. It involves making inquiries, filling the form, taking the placement exams/ school entrance exams, attending a parents interview. Depending on the outcome and space availability a place is offered.

Confirmation of Admission

  • Once a child is offered admission the parent/ Guardian needs to pay the registration fee which entitles them to a registration packet.
  • They need to pay the required fees
  • They need to fill and sign all required forms. For their files.
  • Complete and submit all required forms for their registration in the admission register.

Dates of Admission

Children are admitted in september every year. Where there is need they can be admitted at any time in the school year proided there is a space in the class and they qualify for admission.

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