How We Assess Applicants

Admission to The Unique Schools is competitive. When reading applications, our Admissions Committee takes into consideration a range of factors; no one item is the deciding factor.

We evaluate an applicant’s candidacy in three areas:

Academic Ability

Applicants must be prepared for the rigor of our classes and have demonstrated a history of academic achievement and desire for challenge. We look for this dedication to academic pursuits and intellectual curiosity by assessing:

  • Grades (over time)
  • Rigor of current academic program
  • School type and curriculum
  • Academic classes taken outside the student’s school
  • Standardized test results
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Personal essays

Personal Qualities

We select students who will become contributing members of the Unique Schools community and who will engage in the life of the school and in its extracurricular pursuits.

A Good Fit

The Admissions Committee seeks students who demonstrate a clear understanding of the school’s teaching model and show independence, self-advocacy, strong time-management skills, and appropriate maturity.

Eligibility Requirements

School Unique

While School Unique places students by ability rather than age or grade level, we typically encourage students to apply for Nursery School when they are above the age of 3.

Unique High


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